Here are some tips to photograph a romantic veil shot!

This dreamy, romantic veil shot is one of my favorite bride and groom photos to get at every wedding! It’s intimate, close, fun, playful, luxurious. It shows the personality of the couple and you can FEEL their connection. 

Here are some of the things I do to create this gorgeous shot!

Use a wide angle lens. 

It is very hard to shoot a veil shot without a 35mm lens or wider. You’ll need to get under the veil WITH the couple which brings you VERY close. It’s hard to focus if you’re using above a 35mm lens so go wide!

The longer the veil, the better. 

A cathedral length veil brings the magic. It is difficult to create this shot with a shorter veil, as you need LOTS of fabric to completely cover both the bride and the groom. If my brides are on the fence about wearing a veil I usually show them one of these photos and it convinces them that they NEED one!

Switch It Up!

Step outside the veil and photograph the bride and groom underneath. Another wow photo!

The main thing I focus on when creating this shot, is to find ways to bring natural connection between the bride and the groom. Simply putting them into the pose won’t bring the spark to the photos. Adding movement, going in for a slow almost-kiss, asking the groom to whisper something funny in the bride’s ear, there are a million different ways to create that magical connection.